We Need… Your Volunteer Service to make games and other activities run smoothly, Your Financial Support to provide items the school’s athletic budget can’t cover, Your Encouragement for MCA Athletes and Teams to give them memories they’ll treasure for a lifetime, Your Enthusiasm on display so all will know that we are Christians by our love.


For more information or to get involved, please contact any of these Booster Board Members:

Anne Oswald, President oswald7995@ma-kc.org or 913-707-7995 

   Riley Dull, President-Elect dull2576@ma-kc.org or 913-515-2576

Mark Evans, Treasurer  evans3221@ma-kc.org 

Nina Caldwell, Secretary caldwell3809@ma-kc.org 

Annette Alexander, Team Liaison Committee  alexander4924@ma-kc.org 

Courtney Brown & Amanda Fehr, Volunteer Committee brown4776@ma-kc.org or fehr5099@ma-kc.org 

Kim Hugunin & Jessica Ingalsbe, Events Committee hugunin2290@ma-kc.org or ingalsbe8310@ma-kc.org

Leslie Pruitt, Fundraising Committee  pruitt2092@ma-kc.org